Kuk Sa-nim (Grand Master) “Hud” Huddleston Sr., Do Ju-nim (Keeper of the Arts), Koo Dan (9th Dan) Black Belt, is the President/Founder of The Korean Hwa Rang Martial Arts Federation®.

  • last and only Grand Master of pure and true Hwarang
  • inducted into Martial Arts Halls of Fame 12 times
  • inducted 3 times as Grand Master of the Year
  • inducted once as Legendary Grand Master of the Year
  • teaching Hwa Rang Mul Sul® since 1970
  • trained with 14 korean tiger force military members under Master Cheung Lee Kim in the 60’s near the DMZ border of North Korea and South Korea
  • U.S. Army Airborne Recon (L.R.R.P.) 66-69
  • former Deputy Sheriff and instructor in Justice Institute
    Train active military U.S. Navy(Navy Seals), U.S. Army Special forces and Law Enforcement and prison guards
  • Active professional body guard, operating BodyGuard Elite company since 1984

Grand Master Hud first brought Hwarang to North America in 1970 from Korea. While others may claim to teach Hwarang in some form; Grand Master Hud is the last and the only Grand Master of pure and true Hwarang to come from South Korea.

He has extensive training in the Old Traditional Korean martial arts – expanding Hwarang  since 1967, and teaching Hwa Rang Mul Sul® since 1970, the Korean Martial Arts system, advance Korean Seon Yoga, and Seon Meditation in North America, and Korea.  He has been well respected as a International Judge/Referee throughout North America, and has trained top fighters for competition through the World of Korean tournament fighting, weapons, and Hyungs(patterns) at the World, and National Championships during the 1980’s, and 90’s.
Grand Master Hud is the highest authority, and ranked head master world-wide for the Hwa Rang Mul Sul® system, and President/Founder of The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation® & the Hwa Rang Mul Sul® system internationally.

Grand Master Hud underwent an extensive training program of Hwarang in the mid 60’s in Korea under a high level Master of Hwarang, Master Kim, Cheung L., son of Grand Master Kim, Kwang K. (Korean Ancestral Family name – Kim).  Their ancestry of warriors goes back to the period of the Shilla Dynasty in Korea as Hwarang Warrior Knights.   Grand Master Kim, using a Japanese name (during  the Japanese occupation; the use of Korean family names was not allowed), lead a resistance group of night fighters against the Japanese during that country’s occupation of Korea.  The Japanese name is still being used by the family of Grand Master Kim today, and they carry on the old tradition of night fighters against the Communist North to protect the South Korean people and their country.

During his training under Master Kim, Cheung L., Grand Master Hud trained alongside 14 members of Korean Tiger Force (korean special forces), a group that was the most feared group in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

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