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by Grand Master ‘Hud’ Huddleston Sr.
Do Ju-nim (Keeper of the Arts), Koo Dan (9th Dan) Black Belt
President/Founder of The Korean Hwa Rang Martial Arts Federation®.

The MEDAL HEAD mentality of attitude in the Western World.  GLORIFICATION of breathing without breathing within life and the martial arts of today that exist in society and the military of laziness.  The losers are standing in the winner’s circle now getting the same cheap medal or trophy as the winners.   Win or lose; no difference. Winners take all no longer.

Civilians are glorifying military medals and ribbons given to military service personnel in battle or for service of duty.  Civilians  have no concept what the medal or ribbon really means. This is happening even in the military today gaining medals or ribbons just sitting around punching computer keys or picking your nose the right way even wiping your ass making them into war heroes that never set one foot in a combat zone or bled in battle.

For all the dumbshit MEDAL HEAD civilians: the medal or ribbon awarded in the military is a very personal achievement not to be taken lightly or advertised in neon. Military personnel like to keep that information to themselves privately.   Unless you have a truck driver or cook or supply personnel playing war hero in the military coming home telling fantasy war stories looking for the glory being a Hollywood war hero (METAL HEAD).

Also civilians are brain dead asking a veteran what kind of medals or ribbons they have or how many people did the veteran kill.   WRONG on all accounts. Never ever ask a veteran about their ribbons or medals or how many people they killed.  WRONG. Medals and kills is very very personal…stop asking!!!!

Just falling off the toilet seat in the military while wiping your ass and was too drunk to realize you just wiped your nose with shit on the paper and won a medal or ribbon for combat on the toilet seat battling stinky shit on your nose….wanna be week end drunk war hero.  Today in the military, medals and ribbons are given out to non heroes of non combat.  The son is still serving and he says the same thing.  Week end warrior bullshit and fantasy Hollywood crap.

Everybody in the Western world wants to be glorified for nothing with no blood sweat or tears, just total laziness no hard work.  No callous on hands but being glamorous of non existent glory of fantasy with no hard work.  The great glamorous MEDAL HEAD of being brain dead heroes of fantasy.  Then there’s the great rolls of toilet paper – paper mills that are creating the same mind set and attitudes within the martial arts world of false glorification and fantasy entitlements that are too young to hold the titles or ranks within the martial arts world.  Money talks with great falsehoods.

During the 80’s, I was the director and producer of the All Traditional Korean Hwarang – Kung-Fu – Karate Championships 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986 on the West coast which was rated by a top martial arts magazine.  We offered Olympic style large medals on ribbon hung around your neck…Gold …silver and bronze. The grand champions would receive a full set of Japanese samurai swords on stands done in mother pearl.  But the medals were disliked the winners wanted large trophies not medals. The medals looked like the ones they receive in the actual Olympics. This was the beginning of demand by the Medal Heads who wanted glorification and Hollywood neon where all this became what it is today flash….Hollywood…..neon….glorification of medals and trophies with no hard work but standing in the winning circle even if you lost you win a trophy or medal to become a great Medal HEAD of nothing.

I judged many tournaments in the past all the way back to 1970, when there was a tournament every weekend.  You have a competitor, a brown belt, who wins his first and only tournament.  Then a week or two goes by then that same brown belt competitor shows up at the  next tournament wearing a 1st degree black belt just because he won one trophy from the last tournament.  He was promoted because of the one trophy and he was not a good fighter or good technician of technique either….that became the MEDAL HEAD beginning in the 70’s and 80’s.

Then we had young ones wearing a black belt one weekend because of tournament promotions of winning one trophy then that same one or others like him would show up the next weekend with the same new black belt on looking like they been training a very long time. The belt has been altered by the same person to make the belt look old. We found out they would either use bleach on the belt or use a razor blade or many other tactics used on a brand new belt to make it look old and just a week ago they were promoted by the MEDAL HEAD attitude.

No blood sweat or tears of hard work but used a razor blade on the belt.

– Grand Master Hud


by Grand Master ‘Hud’ Huddleston Sr.
Do Ju-nim (Keeper of the Arts), Koo Dan (9th Dan) Black Belt
President/Founder of The Korean Hwa Rang Martial Arts Federation®.


Someone came so close to being blown away because of damn stupidity.

01:00am my husky-pom going crazy due to someone knocking on my home frontdoor. Waking me up with their knock getting louder each time.   I had to contain the husky….she would have attacked.   She is aggressive.

I look through the peep hole….someone is dressed in dark clothes with hooded coat cannot see their asshole face due to hood and standing in the shadows looking around with some small blue light source in their hand cupping it with both was like a lazer sighting on a weapon…….they kept looking around and the light beam source was directed to the door.   Stupidity came so close being asshole dead..stupid asshole civilians braindead stupidity.

I opened the door with force and speed had my weapon directed into their face with no mercy.   Had my 40cal loaded and clipped with extended clip loaded in weapon.   My finger was on the trigger for battle.   The dumbshit even brought the light source(i.d. last second as a small flash light with blue light) up to my head….there was only seconds or less I was able to identify my target….god damn stupidity…..all I heard from a drunk voice was “sorry got wrong home”….right at the point of squeezing a round off.

Son of bitch dumb drunk civilians almost lost a life.   Lucky with my military and law enforcement training I was able to control the trigger pull.   I only had barely seconds.

Woke my ass up.

God damn drunk stupidity.   How close too damn close.   I shake my head at dumb idiot civilians.   Major tight Security is extremely priority in my life with what I do as a criminal investigator.   Been threatened multiple times.

Trying to come down off of high to get back to sleep.   DAMN civilians stupidity.

I WARN everyone not to come knocking on my door ever you better first call… family or friends or anyone; I DO NOT or WILL NOT ANSWER MY DOOR NO MATTER WHAT unless a stupid criminal tries to break-in than I am very happy to open the door with my sig 40cal.

It is now 02:06am, and I am still awake from that.

– Grand Master Hud